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When you're considering your options for home siding for a property in the Brookings, South Dakota, area, let the team at Rykhus Nelson Siding Windows & Gutters explain your options. We understand the importance of quality siding, so we use premium materials that we can trust to protect your home from the elements and reduce energy loss from your property.

We put new siding on your home that is appealing to the eye. The siding products we offer may even help increase the value of your property and attract more potential buyers when you choose to sell. We’ll help you pick out the siding options that will look great on your home.

Our team is committed to performing high-quality installation work, and we'll accommodate your schedule with our flexible appointment availability.

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Helping prevent rain and water damage

Rykhus Nelson Siding Windows & Gutters has been serving the Brookings, South Dakota area for years. Our services range from installation and gutter cleaning to maintenance and repair. You can trust our experience when it comes to providing your home with the best care there is to offer in gutter installation and maintenance. Gutters serve a number of different purposes, so installing them properly is important. They protect your house from water damage and keep your home structurally sound.

One of the simplest ways to assure the longevity of your biggest and most important investment is by directing the rain water away from it with a properly functioning rain gutter system. By directing the rain water away from the foundation of your home, you help prevent damage such as mold, dry rot, mildew, oxidation, and insect problems.

Our services

Gutter Services
Installation and Maintenance

Gutters serve a number of different purposes, they protect your house from water damage and keep your home structurally sound. We’ll resolve any of your gutter related issues.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a poorly pitched gutter or a downspout that is not placed in the right location that causes major problems. The purpose of a rain gutter is to direct water away from your home’s foundation. We know the importance of this.

When you call us for your gutter needs, just like any of our other services, you will receive fast and friendly service from start to finish.


Siding Installation

We offer siding installation in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials.

When you hire us, you can expect quality workmanship and educated, courteous contractors who will be more than happy to answer your questions along the way.

To learn more about our siding installation services or to schedule an estimate for your home or business, call us today.

Our Windows

A quality installation is as important as a quality window. We have a saying at Rykhus Nelson Siding Windows & Gutters that the window is only as good as the installation.

We take pride in providing the highest quality installations using the latest techniques and superior materials.

We are proud to employ a team of professional installers dedicated to providing expert installation and service.

Windows to Code

New replacement windows from Rykhus Nelson Siding Windows & Gutters can make your home more energy efficient by keeping heated air inside and cold air out.

Rykhus Nelson Siding Windows & Gutters replacement windows also make your home quieter by reducing noise from the outside.

Don’t forget, replacing windows can make your home more attractive and increase its value.

Leak Prevention

Rykhus Nelson Siding Windows & Gutters specializes in waterproofing so you will never have to worry about your window leaking if installed by us.

Our windows have proper drainage, meaning they’ll stand up to the abuse of a heavy rainfall or spring thaw.

With that said, you’ll also want to ensure your eaves and landscape grading are also in proper condition.

Is it time to clean your gutters?

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